Intel Vows To Spill The Beans On Xe Graphics In 20 Days


Intel tweeted via its Intel Graphics yesterday that the chipmaker will provide more information on in 20 days. Intel has since deleted the tweet, but we think the promise is still on.

There's a bit of mystery around Intel's tweet. The company has adopted the Xe moniker for both its integrated graphics and upcoming discrete graphics cards, but it's uncertain which product segment the chipmaker was referring to. Intel shared the tweet yesterday so the big day should be on August 13. Given the timing of the tweet and Intel's recent struggles with its and nodes, the event will likely be a presentation rather than a formal product launch.

Intel Xe Graphics (Image credit: Intel Graphics/Twitter)

Intel actually has a couple of events planned for the upcoming months. David Blythe, Senior Fellow and Director of Graphics Architecture at Intel, will deliver a speech about the Xe GPU architecture at Hot Chips this year on August 17. That's the closest event that coincides with Intel's tweet. It's plausible that we might get some new and juicy details on Intel's Xe graphics cards after all.

After Hot Chips, Intel has also booked a where the chipmaker has touted to reveal "something big." The common expectation is that Intel will launch its 11th Generation Tiger Lake processors, which feature Gen12 Xe graphics.

At any rate, Intel's event deserves a spot on your agenda. There are big expectations for Xe graphics and whether Intel can break Nvidia and AMD's duopoly in the graphics market.