Raspberry Pi Time Machine and NAS Backs Up Data For You


Archiving data can save you in a pinch—but what if you forget to make a backup? This project, created by Curtis Gross, solves that problem by automating the process in a convenient NAS device. The end result is a Pi-powered time machine server with all of your data stored in archives.

The project was shared on YouTube this week with a complete breakdown of the setup process. While Gross uses a in his video, you can use older models—even as far back as a Raspberry Pi 2.


The NAS functions come from OpenMediaVault (OMV), an open-source NAS application that runs on the Raspberry Pi. Gross explains in the video how to set up the server to interact with and backup your machines, testing both a Windows PC and an iMac. You can read more about .

If you want to recreate this project yourself, watch the full video for all the details. Be sure to follow for more of his work and future projects.