Raspberry Pi Runs RetroPie Inside an Old iMac


When most of our readers think about pie, it's probably or . This maker, known as nx_2112, had ApplePie on the mind and decided to make it a reality! This project features a full RetroPie setup housed inside of an old iMac machine.

Don't worry, no working iMacs were sacrificed for this build. Nx_2112 managed to buy this broken model for just $60 USD. When adding additional hardware costs, the whole project ran a total of around $350.

(Image credit: nx_2112)


The ApplePie project is designed to use the original screen and to connect it to the Raspberry Pi 4, he found a compatible controller on Amazon that enables it to connect using HDMI. There is a 30 pin connector on the back of the screen that connects to the controller.

Nx_2112 also chose to use the original speakers but needed to supplement power with a 3W amplifier board due to the low audio output of the Raspberry Pi 4. There was also a need for a couple of 12V to 5V converters to make the amp and Raspberry Pi 4 board operate.

(Image credit: nx_2112)

The project is topped off with a custom splash screen on RetroPie featuring custom artwork for the ApplePie project. If you want to explore this project, take a look at the shared on Reddit earlier this week.