EVGA to Stock 'Thousands' of Nvidia RTX 3080 Ampere GPUs This Week


Nvidia's launch of the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards have left many feeling left in the cold as the cards sold out almost immediately. According to EVGA's global product management director (via ), the third-party GPU maker could stock 'thousands' more Nvidia RTX 3080 cards over the coming week, with stock coming in every few days. That gives us at least a glimmer of hope that supply will improve this week, though we fully anticipate the shortages to persist for some time.

it's encouraging that EVGA will have more custom RTX 3080 graphics cards coming to market this week, and it also bodes well for other GPU makers restocking their arsenals, too - it's likely that EVGA isn't the only company that will receive more stock over the coming week. That said, it's anyone's guess how many hundreds of thousands of cards will be needed to satiate near-term demand, and how long that will take. Some predications peg the shortage to last until early 2021, but at least it appears that more cards will trickle in over the coming weeks. 

Freeman's comments came amid a string of different responses to EVGA's customers via Twitter, and seemingly confirm that the company will have a not-insignificant number of graphics cards shipping next week. We've pinged the company for more detail.

Freeman outlined that the company's restocking efforts will span its own site, Amazon, and 'many' different etail and retail sites. However, the company isn't giving a specific time or date for availability yet. 

Nvidia's Ampere 30-series launch surely felt like the 'paperiest' of paper launches, with many retailers selling out in seconds. However, Newegg reported that the 3080 launch drove more traffic to its website than it sees on Black Friday, making it hard to determine if the shortages were due to an abnormally restricted number of GPUs being stocked for the launch, or if overwhelming demand simply exacerbated the typical limited stock we see during a product launch. 

The nearly-instantaneous sell-outs and resellers to snap up inventory in seconds. 

EVGA has a pretty impressive line of graphics cards, like the . The company says it will provide more updates as stock becomes available. We do have to temper our expectations, though, as some estimates see . In the meantime, head to our for more tips on how you can score Nvidia's Ampere cards.