Asus Rated Best Laptop Brand for First Time Ever


Every year for the last 10 years, Laptop Mag has released a list of best laptop brands. For the first time ever, Asus has earned a spot at the .

According to Laptop Mag, the laptops coming from Asus over the past year have been consistently reliable with powerful specs to back them up. The machines have ranged from simple Chromebooks to serious gaming systems.

Laptop brands are evaluated based on a range of criteria from hardware design and review scores to support and warranty services. The time period reviewed this year began May 15, 2019 and ended May 15, 2020. After Laptop Mag's extensive research, Asus emerged at the top of the list.

Two of the most impressive machines to emerge this year were the and Zephyrus G14, both gaming laptops with serious kick. The ROG Mothership features a detachable screen, a first for gaming laptops, while the had notably reliable performance.

You can read more about Asus and what they've been up to over the past year in this post. If you'd like to see what Asus was stacked up against, check out the complete list of for 2020 from Laptop Mag.