Play Half Life at 70FPS on a Raspberry Pi


, Jose Cerrejon’s fantastic tool to simply add extra features to Raspberry Pi OS and. PiKISS comes with a special section of installable retro games for the and in there Jose has recently added a fully playable version of Half Life configured for the Raspberry Pi 4 (via and ).

Half Life was a genre defining moment in FPS history, adding puzzles and a strong narrative to the genre. With PiKISS we can download and install the game on our Raspberry Pi 4 and try to escape the Black Mesa while running at up to 70 FPS!

is via a single line of code in the terminal which will download the installer and then run via the terminal. Once installed PiKISS is found in the System Tools menu. In PiKISS look for the Games menu and then select Half Life to download and install. You do need to own a copy of Half Life for this to work, either a digital copy from Steam or a physical copy.

Once installed the game is all set to be played, so have your crowbar handy to fend off a headcrab or two!