Get Samsung's Extra Curvy 1000R Gaming Monitor for $296


(Image credit: Amazon)

The tighter the curve, the greater the immersion -- at least, that’s curved gaming monitors fans believe. If you’re looking for a gaming display with enough curve to make a big impact on your experience, Samsung’s Odyssey lineup should be on your shortlist. Its 1000R curves are as tight as it gets among gaming monitors, and you can now grab a 32-inch version with a 144 Hz refresh rate for. 

The 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 has resolution, which should bring an immediate boost in sharpness for players. In addition to its notable curves and gaming-ready refresh rate, the G5 boasts a low 1ms response time, as well as AMD Premium. The latter fights screen tears and adds low framerate compensation compared to standard FreeSync. 

 Samsung Odyssey G5 32-inch:
This is as curvy as today’s gaming monitors get. If you believe in the power of curved monitors, the G5’s 1000R curve promises the ultimate immersion. It’s also a well-specced monitor in general, including a 144 Hz refresh, QHD resolution and AMD FreeSync Premium.