Samsung’s Fantastic Budget 4K Monitor Just Got Cheaper


(Image credit: Amazon)

If you’ve been waiting for the to turn your dreams into reality, the time is finally here. The Samsung UR59C, which was already well-priced at $450, is now on sale for .

In our , we praised the curved 32-incher’s strong build and effective curve. No, it’s not an ultrawide (the UR59C has a 16:9 aspect ratio), but the monitor’s 1500mm curve lent to a natural feel when sitting 3 feet away and brought the entire desktop within view of our peripheral vision. 

Samsung UR59C 4K curved monitor:
Use code 2FTSTECH323 to get Samsung’s budget UHD monitor at this low price. After calibration (see the recommended settings in our), the colors on the monitor are accurate, and the VA panel’s image is quality 

Although one of the could enable casual gaming here, this isn’t one of the . The UR59C only has a 60 Hz refresh rate and lacks and . You’ll also have to calibrate it (see the recommended settings in our review), but once you do, you’ll get a fantastic and accurate picture.

If you want the sharpness of 4K in a high contrast panel in a productivity-ready form factor, the UR59C is up your alley.