Intel's 665p 1TB SSD Is $90, Its Lowest Price Ever


are common for , and we expect that . More important than just having an SSD for you boot drive is having a sufficiently large SSD—with game sizes ballooning, we feel 1TB is the minimum for most PCs. Thankfully, you can readily find such sizes at reasonable prices, even if you're looking for M.2 NVMe drives.

The isn't the fastest drive around, but for most users it won't really matter. It's more than fast enough, and the 665p series sports increase endurance even with QLC NAND. The 1TB drive has a five year warranty and 300TBW endurance, meaning you could write 164GB to the drive every day for five years.

Intel 665p 1TB NVMe:
This is the lowest price we've seen on Intel's entry-level M.2 NVMe drive, sporting 1TB of capacity for SATA levels of pricing, with to to 2000 MBps speeds and 250K IOPS. Use code 2FTSTECH268.

If you're looking for a cheap upgrade to your laptop's storage, the 665p also has good power characteristics so it won't hurt battery life. Performance does drop off under sustained heavy write loads, but that's mostly only going to happen if you're intentionally beating up on an SSD like in our reviews.