AMD Big Navi Gets MALL Power Saving Feature


As reported by , AMD is reportedly working on a feature called Memory Access at Last Level (MALL) for its graphics card. The don't explain the what MALL is in detail, but the Linux publication thinks that it has something to do with improving power saving.

Apparently, MALL belongs to AMD's Display Core Next (DCN) 3.0 featureset, but it's not currently available for all Navi-based offerings. For the meantime, only Sienna Cichlid seems to support MALL. 

Sienna Cichlid is the rumored codename for AMD's graphics card. It's said to feature the Navi 21 silicon, which brings a whopping 5,120 Stream Processors (SPs) to the table. It's unknown of support if MALL will eventually land for (Navi 22) or (Navi 23).

AMD will reveal its Radeon RX 6000-series graphics cards on October 28. The new graphics cards come wielding the chipmaker's RDNA 2 architecture that promises 50% more performance per watt in comparison to RDNA 1. It'll be interesting to see how MALL ties in to AMD's claims.