Palit Reveals a Sneak Peek of the New RTX 3070 Jetstream Graphics Card


Graphics card manufacturer Palit, an all-new RTX 3070 SKU for the JetStream graphics card lineup. As discovered by , the card appears to favor a low key aesthetic and features a fully blacked-out shroud with very little or no RGB visible in the images. 

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Palit RTX 3070 JetStream (Image credit: Twitter)
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Palit RTX 3070 JetStream (Image credit: Twitter)
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Palit RTX 3070 JetStream (Image credit: Twitter)

The Palit RTX 3070 JetStream is equipped with a dual-fan cooler design, paired with an all-black shroud and PCB. The PCB seems to be rather short and may extend just half-way into the cooler, as the 8 pin power connectors are installed near the dead-center of the card. Supporting this is the rear backplate, with a massive cutout at the end which can allow air to pass thru the heatsink freely. It appears to be slightly bigger than most cutouts found in other Ampere graphics cards, indicating the extra short PCB was designed that way for cooling reasons.

The card is pretty average in size for an RTX 3070 AIB partner card, the thickness is just above 2 PCIe slots and the edge of the card extends to what appears to be approximately over an inch above the PCIe bracket.

For now, this was just a sneak-peek, Plait has yet to release a product page for the RTX 3070 JetStream. But I'm sure they will soon as the