Colorful Launches iGame RTX 3090 Vulcan OC With LCD Display


The is one beast of a GPU with plenty of capability and performance, but Colorful decided to take this GPU to another level with the . This card packs a ton of cooling power under the hood, plus a good looking aesthetic that should work in a variety of PC cases. For the cherry on top, you get an LCD display to display pictures or monitor GPU sensor data.

The card is clocked at 1395MHz with a boost frequency of 1695MHz. If you switch to the OC mode, that changes the Boost clock from 1695 to 1785Mhz, which is a significant uplift, especially from a factory OC.

(Image credit: Colorful)

The card features a base plate to cool the GPU, memory, and power delivery components. The baseplate has a vapor chamber cooling design with six heat pipes. On top, the cooler has three fans pushing air into an almost triple-slot thick aluminum heatsink. At the rear, the backplate includes two aluminum heat pipes that keep the components on the rear of the PCB extra cool, which is a nice touch. This is something we don't see often enough on graphics card designs.

Three 8-pin PCIe power connectors power the card, and paired with that is a monster 370W power limit if you flick the card into it's OC BIOS mode. This should allow the Vulkan to excel in overclocking performance with all that extra headroom.

Aesthetically the card is well balanced to fit in a variety of color combinations. The shroud's sides have a metal-like greyish color while the front of the cooler is all black with three fans that are also the same color.

(Image credit: Colorful)

Now for the centerpiece, that LCD screen. dished the details on the screen; it measures 480x128 pixels and is located on the card's side. The screen can be positioned to fit either horizontal or vertical GPU mounting positions. You can have GPU data displayed like GPU clock speed, temperature, and GPU load on the screen. Plus, if you can display your own pictures with text if you like.

Unfortunately, the card is not available for purchase at this time. However, reviews of the card are coming out as we speak, so we should see the RTX 3090 Vulkan hit shelves relatively soon, as long as the doesn't affect Colorful's inventory.