Custom Raspberry Pi PCB Lets You Play Doom on an NES


It seems like you can run Doom on anything, and with the help of a , the NES is no exception. TheRasteri created the original concept for this project on YouTube (and his project was inspired by Howchoo's project).

But a maker known as Bakutendo has taken things a step further by developing a that works with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ to create a working NES cartridge.

According to a blog post from Bakutendo, there are already plans to distribute the new PCB as a kit for developers to recreate this project at home. The details are subject to change, but the current parts list includes:

  • One Raspberry Pi 3 Model A +
  • One microSD card (at least 8GB)
  • One FX2LP CY7C68013A USB Development Board
  • One mini USB cable

You can check out the final project in action here:

The output doesn't handle any of the Doom sound effects, but you do get to hear the background music, and the graphics render enough actually to play on a real NES console.

There is a full breakdown of the original project and details about the new PCB on Bakutendo's blog. Check out the full post from for more information and future updates on this project.