MSI Suffers Fire at Chinese Factory


It appears that on November 5, a fire took place at one of MSI's factories in China, as reported on and . This factory is located in Bao'an, though fortunately, the situation appears to be under control according to MSI.

MSI issued the following statement to :

A fire accident occurred in MSI's Baoan factory in Shenzhen on the afternoon of November 5th. The company initiated emergency response measures and notified the fire department to deal with it quickly. No injuries were caused and the production line was not affected. In the future, the factory will strengthen the promotion and training of personnel. At present, all units are operating normally. Thank you for your concern.

According to this statement, the incident does not appear to have any major consequences. There are no reported injuries or deaths, nor has the production line been affected. We have not been able to verify this information.

The facility in question is said to be a location where MSI manufactures PCBs for various devices.

This event comes only months after the sad passing of MSI's CEO, .

At this time, these are the only details available to us. We will keep this story updated as we learn more.