Full-Size Raspberry Pi-Powered Bartop Arcade Is Entirely 3D Printed


In a world of tabletop arcades, this DIY bartop arcade cabinet seriously stands out. This awesome project was designed and 3D printed by James from the YouTube channel . 

You may remember Print 'N Play from when we featured the channel in August for its .

The cabinet case we're looking at today is completely original. Using Autodesk Fusion 360, everything had to be designed from scratch, including the Raspberry Pi mounting panel, ventilation holes and space for input peripherals.

The case was designed as a single unit, then broken into pieces that are just large enough to print on a 3D printer bed. Each piece is designed to fit into place using pegs.

The final design is huge and uses a widescreen display. It's a two-player setup with a pair for joysticks and -backlit arcade buttons featuring a blue and red color scheme. There are also two top-mounted speakers in the top of the cabinet. Everything is driven by a running .

If you want to see the build process and what the final result plays like, check out the official on YouTube, and be sure to explore our list of for more cool creations from the maker community.