Lenovo 24-Inch IPS Monitor $80 Off at Best Buy


Finding an affordable IPS display is always exciting when upgrading from something like a VA or TN panel display. The IPS quality is notably higher when it comes to vibrancy and color depth. This offer is for the 24-inch Lenovo Q24i-10 monitor, which is now $80 off.

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Lenovo Q24i-10 24-Inch IPS:
This monitor is usually priced at around $189 but is available today for just $109. It spans 24-inches across and uses an IPS panel.

This 24-inch IPS display had an FHD resolution, which measures in at 1920 x 1080. That isn't the highest you'll find on the market, but it's definitely enough for casual gaming and watching movies.

According to the specs, the panel has a refresh rate of 75Hz and a 4ms response time. To help reduce screen tearing, it supports AMD FreeSync.

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