Thermaltake's Tower 100 Mini Is a True Showcase


Some of today's hardware seems to be focused more on looks than performance. As such it's no surprise to see cases seemingly built to put your gear on display. With that in mind, Thermaltake just announced the Tower 100 Mini enclosure, which is a glass-clad Mini-ITX tower that'll let the world see your pretty components. 

The case features a layout unlike any we've seen before, including a 266mm wide and deep square base that towers up to 462mm. This makes it rather big by Mini-ITX standards, but the design is meant to cool well while providing enough glass to show off the internals. Glass is present on three sides of the case, so that it looks good whether you place it on the left or right side of your desk.

The bottom end of the chassis holds the power supply, and the internals are rotated 90 degrees so that the I/O resides at the top of the chassis. The top slides off, after which you slide the glass panels up. All the case's panels are removable for easy access from all sides.

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Inside, you'll fit up to Mini-ITX motherboards, a 120mm radiator at the top or CPU coolers up to 190mm tall, standard ATX-size power supplies up to 180mm long and GPUs up to 330mm long. 

For cooling, the case features mesh on many sides, and  you get eight filters total. That said, you can only fit up to two 140mm fans for airflow and two 120mm spinners come included in these locations.

For storage there is room behind the motherboard for up to two 3.5-inch drives or four 2.5-inch drives, but for any of these, you'll have to sacrifice one of the fan mounts. Fortunately, two additional 2.5-inch drive mounts are present on the side.

Front I/O consists of discrete audio jacks, two USB 3.0 ports and one USB Type-C port.

Thermaltake hasn't said anything about pricing yet, but the case will be available in white and black and compete with the later this month.