Raspberry Pi OS Update Kills Flash


The end has finally come for Adobe Flash on the Raspberry Pi. What once powered many memes and early Internet games is no more. , Adobe Flash has been removed from the official Raspberry Pi operating system but this brings about an issue of its own. AMD EPYC 7601

Adobe Flash was once the darling of the late 1990s and early 2000s web. Embedded games, interactive interfaces and full blown applications were built with Flash, but over time it became bloated, buggy and a security risk. The removal of Flash from Raspberry Pi OS has been on the cards for quite some time and with the January 11 update they have finally removed it. The removal of Flash does have one impact on Raspberry Pi OS. The popular Scratch 2 programming application will now no longer work as it relies upon Flash. So before you update your Raspberry Pi to the latest OS, ensure that your projects work with the .

, the other changes to Raspberry Pi OS in this release are largely bug fixes for the new PulseAudio configurations introduced in the December 2020 update. There are a few fixes for the Chromium web browser, notably removal of artifacts in Google Maps 3D view.  An updated Linux Kernel, now 5.4.83 and updated Raspberry Pi firmware keeps your Pi securely up to date. 

, where it can be downloaded as a disk image, or via the Raspberry Pi Imager tool.