Intel Announces Delay to 7nm Processors, Now One Year Behind Expectations


Intel announced today in its Q2 2020 earnings release that it has now delayed the rollout of its 7nm CPUs relative to the planned release date. The release states that the company is delaying its 7nm processors by six months compared to its previous.. Intel's press release also states that yields for its 7nm process are now twelve months behind the company's internal targets, meaning the company isn't currently capable of producing its 7nm process in an economically viable way. 

The delay reflects yet another setback as Intel still struggles to overcome the yield issues it encountered with its 10nm process. Those delays have allowed its competitors, like AMD, to seize an opportunity to wrest the process node leadership position from Intel for the first time in the company's history. 

This news was just released in Intel's financial earnings with no forewarning, so we're digging deeper. The company has its earnings briefing shortly and we've reached out for further context. We'll update this post as we learn more.  

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